Our Ponies for Parties in GTA

Charlie’s Pride Ponies provides ponies for parties in the GTA, helping turn any event into an unforgettable occasion. Pony rides are perfect for birthday parties, special events, grand openings, block parties, company outings, family reunions and much more!
“Hi Barb and Frank. What a great day at Windreach Farm for our annual picnic. And thank your staff; you made a lot of kids happy.”

- Oshawa Lions Club
Picture This
We also create professional portraits to help you cherish your child’s pony rides — portraits start at just $25 per sitting!

Rent a Pony for Your Birthday Party

Having a pony at their birthday is every child’s secret dream. And, you don’t need a ranch to make it happen; our ponies can work in almost any size of yard or area — even as small as a two car garage. Alternatively, a cul de sac, dead end street, field, park, school yard or boulevard are just some examples of where we can set up. Party rates depend on the number of hours and the number of ponies required. Our most common request is two ponies for an hour at $240, in addition to travel costs.
Most parties are well served by one hour with the ponies. This timeframe fits nicely into a majority of party schedules, even the short, two-hour parties. Of course, additional time is available for larger, extended family occasions, as well as multi- hour events.
When you book our ponies for parties in the GTA, Charlie’s Pride Ponies will come right to your door with the pony bus, bringing the ponies, equipment and staff for each pony. Our aim is to give each child at least two pony rides and we always have some brushes on board for those who want to get right in and handle their pony. Before we leave, we make sure to pick up any pony "offerings" and take them away with us — nothing remains but the joy of the day.
The ponies always relish the opportunities when kids want to feed them. While grass is good, one-inch carrot chunks and apple quarters are heaven! Treats are reserved for after the rides, when their work is done.

Current Sale

We are currently offering a sale discount. Mention the discount code 34881 and receive 5% off of your quoted price.

Pony Rides for Corporate Events

Companies can be unique in offering pony rides to employees’ families, making a great day stand out. Official openings of new business locations, charitable fund drives, that annual summer celebration where neighbourhoods close off their street or block — these are all great opportunities to bring out Charlie’s Pride Ponies for parties in the GTA. Ponies love special days too — all those kids to meet and all that grass to eat!
And yes, we can provide indoor pony rides where the facilities allow. We bring our own mats. Clean up is a given. No trace of us remains behind!


Safety is very important to what we do at Charlie’s Pride Ponies. In addition to being fully insured, we will provide a basic lecture for the kids on how to proceed near the ponies to ensure the safety of the children and ponies alike. This includes best practices such as not walking behind a pony unless he knows you are there, the correct way to offer a treat, as well as other items. We recommend having soap and water available after their ride so the children can wash up afterwards. We always walk next to the mounted child — not out in front dragging the pony — and we always have an arm ready in case the child should lose their balance. Charlie and his boys are family members, routinely vet-checked and vaccinated. We take exceptional pride in providing safe, healthy and affectionate ponies.

Rain Policy

It’s hard to tell your child their party will be cancelled due to weather and we try to fulfill dates whenever possible. However, if you postpone or cancel your party for weather, or any other reason, we will try to find you another date. This sometimes may result in a small charge.