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boarding and lessons

Riding Lessons for the kids

Our forte is our program for the “little ones,” the small children who don’t quality for lessons with other stables as a result of their height and weight. We work with kids as young as three. Horse and pony riding lessons are a great way for your child to develop skills, build confidence, balance and develop personally. Group, semi-private and private classes are all available, depending on your particular needs. There are also many opportunities to participate in the show ring.

Horse Riding Lessons for Adults 

we also have adult programs available. These are geared toward beginners that are looking to develop their skills. For the higher levels, we are proud to have Monica Taylor on board. Trained in Great Britain, Monica holds lifetime certification through the Pony Club. We have references available so you can check up on us and then bring your young rider out to explore the world of horses (and ponies too). 


Half-hour lessons are $45. This does not include time for grooming, tack up prior to the lesson, nor the follow-up grooming, playing with and release of the pony following the lesson, so you should plan for your lesson to last at least an hour. As previously noted, lessons are also offered to those interested in developing more advanced riding skills.

Ask Us about Pony Training

Charlie says, “Speak to my mom, Barb, about programs for your pony.” If you already own a pony and you’re looking for training lessons we can help out. We have affordable rates for beginners and intermediates, so get in touch with us to discuss. 

Board Your Horse or Pony at Our “Pony Patch” in North Durham

Are you looking for a great, safe place to keep your guy or gal this year? We have some pasture board still available. Our large paddocks come with auto-waterers and are rotated every two weeks. Our winter run-ins are deep-bedded with straw and come with heated waterers. Optional grain is also available. Our tack room is heated and we have a large, separate tack box area.

Located in North Durham, “The Pony Patch” is the home farm of Charlie’s Pride Ponies, where we offer economical stable board and pasture board for horses, ponies and minis. Situated on 97 acres, Charlie’s Pride Ponies offers rich fields, a riding ring, round pen, as well as a power-operated walker situated in a peaceful, private facility. Riding lessons are available and we also welcome outside coaches.

Some of the features of our boards, include:
· Large Paddocks (Rotated every Two Weeks)
· Winter Run-Ins (Deep-Bedded with Straw)
· Heated Auto Waterers
· Farm-Produced Hay (24/7)
· Optional Grain
· Large, Individual Tack Box Areas
· Heated Tack Room

For those looking for a great, safe place to shelter your horse, pony or mini, our rates start at just $250 per month. We still have some pasture board available, so give us a call to reserve your spot!

Pony Sales & Leases

In September of each year, we offer ponies for sale and lease to the public. This is a on a first come, first serve basis. While some are for sale, others are available to lease during the off-season. They’ve all been expertly trained by an alumnus of the Canadian Pony Club, Ontario Equestrian Federation and Fédération Equestre Internationale. Please note: These are ponies, not full size horses. Please be in touch to learn more about currently ponies available for sale or lease. 

Matching Kids & Ponies

Kids and ponies all have unique personalities. A large part of what we do is in matching ponies to children and children to ponies. We meet children every day who long for their own pony, but their families know little about all that comes along with keeping a pony, let alone judging a pony’s suitability and assessing its value.

Why We Sell Ponies

As many of you already know, we regularly sell some of our best ponies in order to make room for the new year’s “freshmen class.” The ponies we offer for sale come from our own programs and are very reliable with children. These have been trained in all the various disciplines, from the backyard to the carousel. Many of our ponies are also proficient in the show ring, in lesson programs or in front of a cart.

Our ponies come from a variety of sources, some purchased from breeders or auctions, while others come to us as rescues where they have been saved from neglect and/or abuse. We assess each pony individually. If we like what we see, the pony’s background and current status is less significant than what we see in its disposition and talent potential.

One great thing about buying ponies from Charlie’s Pride Ponies is that they come back to us! We retain the “right of first refusal” on all ponies, so if they become outgrown, or find themselves for sale for any other reason, we always welcome them back into the fold! This gives us the opportunity to offer them once again at either a reduced price or on lease basis.

Check for New Sale Ponies in the Fall

As our ponies are highly prized, we announce our current roster only on our website each fall. These are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are not in the market for a pony this year, please check here next fall as our ponies “graduate” to their new status. After all, every pony deserves a child of its own!

You Want a Kid-Broke Pony for how Much?!

Sorry folks, but it takes time and money to train a horse! Estimates shown below are for just one year. Prices are subject to change depending on your area.

· Daily Feeding of Hay at (minimum) $100/Month = $1,200/Year
· Daily Grain at $20/Month = $240/Year
· Paste Wormer (Three to Four Times/Year) at $15 = $45-$60/year
· Trimming every 6-8 Weeks at $40/Trim = $240/Year
· Vaccinations at $25/Year = $25/Year
· Training at $600/Month = $7,200/Year

We are occasionally asked if we have a “cheap” pony for sale. As you read this page, you can understand why our ponies are worth their weight in gold. By the time a pony moves through our full program, which lasts several years, we — and therefore, you — can be confident that this pony is going to be able to do all of the things you ask it to do. This process costs money. If you are looking for a “cheap” pony, you will simply not find it here.

Contact Us

"Thank you so much for a great time meeting all the lovely ponies! The kids had a wonderful time! I can see this being a great thing for Myles and Aurora. I will be looking at my schedule in the next couple of day and see if we can book some lessons for the summer."

ana m.

"We are just so thrilled with Mikey. He is exactly the pony I setout to find. Don didn't think Mayzie was ‘the one,’ but he certainly thinks Mikey is! I know part of it is his colour. You were right! He has such a sweet personality and an adorable, kind face. I think after meeting Mayzie and Levi, when he saw the pictures of Mikey, he knew he'd be well trained and safe and he didn't even need to meet him to know he was the one he wanted to get for Grayson."

anonymous satisfied customer

"When we began riding at Charlie's Pride Ponies my daughter had a fear of all animals, but they were able to help my daughter to overcome her fear because they are very patient and understanding with children. Barb is very knowledgeable about horses and riding techniques as she has worked with horses for many years. Barb really takes the time to get to know the children she is working with and I would like to thank her for the confidence she has instilled in my children. She is always encouraging my children by telling them "You can do it” when my son or daughter thinks something is too hard. Barb has taught my children to believe in themselves and their abilities. At Charlie's Pride Ponies it is apparent that Barb and Frank enjoy and take pride in what they do. The enthusiasm they have can be seen in the quality care they give to their horses. They spend a great deal of time making sure their horses are comfortable, healthy and happy.My children have been very happy and excited to see Barb, Frank and all the horses every week. A very compassionate and caring environment is what you and your children will find when you enroll in riding lessons at Charlie's Pride Ponies."

Tracy A (a proud parent)

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